What is backfile conversion?

Florida Document Imaging- Backfile Conversion

Our approach to backfile conversion is based on forward thinking.

When cases are closed or a project is complete, a decision needs to be made about what to do with the various case documents you may be required to keep for years. Traditional thinking might have you calling a storage company to pick up the documents, or you might put them in a storage closet in your office. Either option creates an expense, without any added value or accessibility.


Have the litigation support professionals from Florida Document Imaging scan the documents to digital images. The final product keeps you in possession and control of all the same files, labels and organization, but without consuming the space of paper. Plus, with the added ability to catalog, search and readily access these digital documents, the money you pay now adds a convenient dimension of accessibility to your records, traditional methods simply can’t match.

"I appreciate knowing if I need a file back while Lit & More is converting it, my files are just a phone call away."

- Melanie Wenke | Accounts Payable Manager, Stock Development